2010 Soompi Gayo Award Nominees

It is already the middle of December, which means our biggest annual musical event is upon us once again! The 2010 Soompi Gayo Awards will be announced on New Year’s Eve, December 31. In case you don’t know, this is our sixth straight year

organizing this event to recognize the top performers in Korean music. We take pride in achieving a fair result by utilizing many different sources for our music chart. We expect these awards to be given to artists whose songs achieved the highest popularity in Korea this year. The awards categories will be the same as last year. Once again, you, the fans, will vote for the Top 10 Singers of 2010!

For the Top 10 Singers of 2010, we begin with 30 singers who have been in the music industry for more than one year and have received the highest scores combined on our weekly music chart in 2010. From this p

ool, you can vote for three singers. Your first choice will receive five points, second choice three points, and third choice one point. Unlike last year, each member can vote once every 24 hours this year. If we discover any cheating, we reserve the right to abandon the results of the voting. The voting deadline is December 27, 11:59 PM EST. Your total votes will count 40%, while the other 60% will be based on the singers’ accumulated chart scores (complete details below).

*to vote just ‘click‘ the photo!


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