INFINITE to make a comeback in January!

Back in March, Woolim Entertainment featured a few of the members from rookie boy group INFINITE in Epik High’s ‘Run.’

They later made their official debut in June with their hit track ‘Come Back Again’ and followed that up with ‘She’s Back.’

The boys have been gone from the music scene for quite some time now but now they’re planning to make their comeback.

INFINITE members Sung Gyu and Woohyun recently recorded an episode on Sukira and while they were covering The Beatles “All You Need is Love” they announced their comeback in a unique fashion.

They announced their comeback by lifting up cue cards, the cards read:

1. Hello we are infinite.
2. Even if its cold
3. we wish this winter will be one with warm hearts.
4. When winter is here
5. Infinite will finally be
7. We will make this winter
8. Sukira we love you!! (love it when they drop the cards haha)
9. A warm one YO!!
10. Please give Infinite lots of love X2.
11. Teukie hyung, Eunhyuk hyung thank you.


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