‘Desire’ The Flame Shin, SeoWoo & Yoo Seungho, bloody third party face

MBC’s weekend drama sparks of  ‘Desire’  in the counts is on the core group of the conflict between the Shin (Yun Lee Na Young Station) and Seo-woo (the popular role) and Yoo Seung-ho (Kim Min-jae) third bloody face, a new anti-war from this point on.

At the time, the unfortunate relation between the two villainess cut off to the relationship between any indication proved to be a last week as if to the agency of the representatives of the actor, undesirable continued to meet a situation. The two women that nerves flame donor the cause of Yoo Seung-ho and one- brought.

There have been numerous crisis extreme circumstances, as a conflict between the three of them, and, but Yoo Seung-ho, and the “Farewell, after all this officially brought to the.” It is the first time

Photographs released his inner thoughts in the eyes and satisfactory with a smile, Shin a sudden, unlike a puppet of her, and unfair friendship with a three men and women gathered in place for the added curiosity.

Note In the “scene of the Rope of Tension tight and bloody atmosphere, but Nispel, with a long for example to his daughter (Seo-woo) and son (Yoo Seung-ho, along with a scene, in which more than was taken to have fun, harmonious atmosphere on the spot.

The flame ‘desire’ official said that the “All three of them flow on the role of Yoon, Lee Na Young, and the most popular, Kim Min-jae the delicate state with dramatic and tension, did it,” and Shin, the reunion Yoo Seung-ho of the anti-war, has entered a new phase,” he hinted.

On the other hand, Sung Hyun-ah (South, Arizona Diamondbacks) is that her husband (Kim Young-jun) wanderings Shin’s sister, Kim Hee-Sook-Yoon) State to each other, and toward the prickly onslaught.


Translation : all about kpop korean



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