Compliance with JYP, New seuseo ‘found’ singing .. “morning voice, right?” Admiration


JYJ conducted live at the 30 ‘KBS News Time’ own appearances in the studio, about the whereabouts and plans for the future regards auspicious finished first TV appearances.

The episode started with a 31 days JYJ ‘KBS Drama Awards, appeared on the member Yoochun starring as the hero KBS 2TV’ Center, the scandal will sing the OST.

The number given day, “‘found’ a little to call one” to the question of the MC bit shy at first, then sweet and tender emotion as soon ‘found’ the chorus job, “I want to hug her she was hot. Would I still close my eyes Chew to give .. “What was a handful of parts.

Members before the start of the song “because the morning ..” he looks a bit worried look, but the songs are the MC, “he can not believe this morning,” said the voice of compliance and admired.

Since ‘KBS Drama Awards’ stage through the first song on the air, will call in whole grains significantly increases the expectation of a response was a line.

On the way from the broadcast on one side JYJ JYJ transformed into the conflict between the agency and I fought on TV comes as a setback to the difficulties “because we (between artists and entertainment companies) said that many of the issues to be resolved motdeurinda. but a good way to improve our efforts and that, I do not know what that outcome, but all the performers to act in a good environment, good system, I hope to dive, “he was exposed to the wind.

‘Solo’ about the Yoochun a new start again “too happy” state of mind as regards “the whole feeling of the tunnel or yigetda called” late “is a continuation of the tunnel yet. More likely to try and worry” minded that.


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