The Idol Group Appears on MBC ‘Come To Play’


This week, in MBC ‘ComeTo Play’, a group of top idol will perform for the New Year! Focusing on the theme of ‘act of worship’, this episode will highlight the SNSD, Lee Teuk and Yesung Super Junior, Ki Kwang and Yoseob B2ST, and Mir and Lee Joon MBLAQ.


During the segment of the show ‘Star in Cover Story’, SNSD was asked to select one member who wants them to have as a daughter, and one member that they do not want. Hyoyeon reveals, “Sunny aegyo use a lot when he talked with his mother. Just listen to their conversation to make Sunny look like such beautiful people. “The other SNSD members replied,” Maybe his mother is actually her boyfriend, “and” Are you sure it’s her mother? ”


When asked whether she had done something wrong against her parents, Sooyoung replied with tears in his eyes, “I really apologize for the fact that I even chose this career path. My parents are very angry every time our name is associated with bad things. I chose this career because I wanted to. ”


This interesting episode will be broadcast on January 3!


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