2AM Changmin: ‘waiting for (KARA)Ji Young to graduate’ !


2AM, who just held a succesful concert not long ago, appeared as guest stars on the Special New Year edition of MBC comedy show “First Time In My Life”.

In one of the corner in “First Time In My Life” called “Let’s Try To Be Honest” each of the members revealed their honest feelings. Chang Min, who always says that Kara’s Ji Young is his ideal type, revealed that he was waiting for Ji Young to graduate.

And Seul Ong, who has the body envied by health trainers, revealed that he once tried eating 100 eggs to work on his chest, surprising everybody and leaving everybody envious.

Jo Kwon revealed that he shook his pelvis to buy a house and the studio burst into laughter. Jin Woon also revealed that he hated girls who did not wear short skirts and everybody cheered.

2AM did not just revealed their honest thoughts, but Jo Kwon and Chang Min also surprisingly transformed into kindergarten students. All of that can be seen in “First Time In My Life” aired on January 5.


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