BoA successfully finishes her cameo in “Athena”


BoA concluded her cameo appearance on SBS’s “Athena: Goddess of Waron the episode broadcasted on January 4th.

BoA, who played the role of a top star, went on a sweet date with her bodyguard, ‘Jung Woo’ (played by Jung Woo Sung).

After being rescued by him, the singer began feeling a sort of affection towards the bodyguard, which eventually led to a full day of dates. Together, they ate ramen at a restaurant and walked down a beach.  One scene in particular drew some jealous reactions, as BoA began spraying mist onto her face and then sprayed Jung Woo, who was looking on curiously. The two began play-fighting with the spray in a truly heartwarming scene.



Unfortunately, Jung Woo was forced to quit his job as her bodyguard in order to save Professor Kim. BoA eventually found out that Jung Woo was actually a government official.

At the airport, BoA bid Jung Woo a final farewell: “You’re good at acting… You could be an actor.  I think I’ll remember you for a long time… You’ll be my body guard for my next concert too, right?

Jung Woo replied, “I’m a busy person.. but I’ll contact you after checking my schedule.

After the broadcast, BoA tweeted, “Athena’… I’m leaving like that… Now I’m going to work hard on my movie preparations. Eusha eusha!!





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