Dal Shabet on how they formed the group and their mermaid choreography


Upcoming girl group ‘Dal Shabet‘ has been headlining for a while as the brainchild of composers E-TRIBE even before the group’s official debut.  The girls have already made an appearance on SBS’s “Chocolate“, and ranked in on search portals with every new piece of information that was released.

Member Seri stated, “We were in our rehearsal room when we heard that we were ranking first.  We checked through our smart phones and got totally excited.  All of us worked really hard on our rehearsal after that.”

One unique point about the group is that every member is both a rapper and a vocal, which lends a bigger variety in part distribution for their songs.

Subin elaborated, “Whenever we record a new song, the composer oppa always tells us that it’s easy for him to work with us because there’s not one person that can’t sing.  Before, we’d get in so much trouble that we’d go home and cry every day, but recently, we’ve been hearing a lot of praise.  We definitely have to work harder.”


Dal Shabet first began with leader Viki, who trained in Star Empire Entertainment for five years.  She passed on the opportunity to debut under Nine Muses and moved to the group’s current agency.  Seri, Ah Young, and Jiyool joined last March through a university audition, followed by Ga Eun and Subin, who both passed auditions at a modeling agency.

Viki commented, “Overall, our concept’s very cute, but there will be traces of sexiness.  We have points in our choreography called the ‘Zzanggu dance’ and ‘Mermaid dance.’  The zzanggu dance is where we cutely shake our butts, while the mermaid dance is where we lay on the ground and seduce the viewers (laughter).”

When asked about any concerns they have before their debut, they revealed that the articles comparing them to SNSD has already created an anti-fanbase.

Ga Eun concluded, “We’ve never said a word regarding SNSD, so it’s very unfair.  We’re actually very big fans of SNSD seniors and listen to their music while warming up in the morning.  Please don’t hate us too much!



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