Co-Ed is embarrassed of their stage names

The members of Co-Ed (female members only w/o EunKyo)made an appearance on Mnet’s “Beatle’s Code” and updated fans on their recent whereabouts, as well as honest thoughts on their activities as a group.

The topic of their unique member names came up, leading the members to reveal, “Truthfully, we’re not satisfied with our names. Sorry, CEO! Our faces get so red with embarrassment whenever people call us by our stage names. We’re actually really curious to see what name our new member, Seo Eun Gyo, will be given.”

MC Kim Jong Shin continued the interview by asking, “Lately, your labelmates T-ara have been doing very well. Aren’t you jealous?”

Without hesitation, Co-Ed replied, “We’re definitely jealous, but we will catch up to T-ara within two to three months.” When asked why specifically two to three months, they replied, “We’ll be making our comeback then!”

The full broadcast can be seen through Mnet on January 6th.


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