Co.ed Chanmi’s SM Entertainment trainee days ‘photos released’


Heo Chanmi of the group Coed disclosed pictures of her days as a SM Entertainment trainee.


On the January sixth episode of MNET’s ‘Beatles Code’, pictures featuring Chanmi with the member of Girls’ Generation all together before their debut were shared.


Chanmi said, “When the picture was taken, it was the current member configuration. I was in year one of middle school, younger than Seohyun.”


Chanmi’s pre-debut pictures have became a hot topic again amongst netizens with the broadcast. Internet communities have became interested of Chanmi’s past with Girls’ Generation.


Pictures of her as a trainee were found in the ‘SM Trainee Heo Chanmi’s First Officialy Fancafe’ and in terms of looks was recognized.


Later on the broadcast, the members directly talked about the stage names the agency gave to Coed, “To be honest, the names don’t satisfy us. We’re sorry CEO. When we are addressed by our stages names, we get ashamed and turn red,” they said frankly.


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