Super Junior Yesung “Restaurant for my parents as a gift”, certified as filial son


Group Super Junior’s Yesung stood out with the identity of a “filial son”.

On the 3rd (of January), during the SNSD special of the MBC programme “Yoo Jaesuk & Kim Wonhee’s Come to Play”, when asked about whether he had something to be proud of in terms of fulfilling his filial piety, Yesung replied that “For a long time I’ve been living separately from my parents, and because (we) wanted to be together, this time I’ve also moved them to Seoul, and had recently set up a small shop for them.”

Under the applause and the cheers, Yesung also said that “Before starting up a small restaurant, I didn’t think about my mum, but because working in the kitchen is really toilsome, right now I’m considering of changing it into a coffee shop”, revealing his extreme devotion to his parents, and became the frontrunner of the title of a “filial son”.

On the other hand, Yesung who was participating in the “Wanted Son-in-law Competition” in the same group as Leeteuk, claimed that he was the “injong minam”*, and also introduced himself in the self-introduction session as the “The man who was sent by god, and lasts even longer than a diamond, ‘it can’t be if it’s not Yesung’ “, earning the laughter from the audience.


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