T-ara throws a birthday party for Maden on “T-ara’s Hello Baby” Co.Ed Invited


The members of T-ara personally prepared a birthday party for the youngest of the three toddlers they are raising on their reality program, KBS JOY’s “T-ara’s Hello Baby.”

T-ara invited the help of labelmates Co-Ed to sing and dance cute performances for the maknae, Moon Maden, who was turning one. Member Hwa Young composed her own rap song with lyrics containing all of the memories she and Maden have made since their first meeting and performed it for the boys. Soyeon and Hyomin re-wrote a trot song with lyrics more enjoyable for the children as well.

The highlight of any first birthday party is the segment where objects representing certain characteristics about the baby’s future are laid out on a table. Whichever object the baby chooses is said to give insight into his or her future (such as a book or pencil representing intelligence, money representing wealth, and string representing a long life).

Mason and Mavin both never had such an event at their first birthday parties, and were able to take part in the meaningful event with their younger brother as well.

The celebration was concluded with letters the girls wrote amidst their busy schedules. The show ended in tears, as the members swelled up with emotions while reading the letters aloud, eventually leading to the Moon brothers’ parents to cry as well.

The episode was broadcast through KBS JOY on January 4th.


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