The B2UTY’s gives an answer before the call of attention of YoSeob


After the problem that has happened between the B2UTY’s and Jaekyung de Rainbown… today they have given disculpas~ After the Tweet de YoSeob calling to them the attention to his fans

The 7 of January, an excuse was put in fancafe official of group B2ST



“It excuses Official to B2ST

Nosotros/as B2UTY0s would like to do nuesra excuses we official. We have made a damage to SHINee and fandom SHINee World. The people under a name of B2UTY have left disrespectful messages in fancafe of SHINee and have done that the stars see shyly, being that before they did not have it.

As far as the one of “We Got Married” the rumor that Junhyung and JaeKyung they were going to be together for the distribution, many B2UTY’s has not respected and has threatened messages of hatred in the main page of Jaekyung, it has been deeply wound, and we would like to request excuses sincerely for that reason.

During a time, the B2UTY’s we have been appreciated by the respect image, but due to a B2UTY’s few that do not respect anything, it seems as if that image no longer can celebrated. We would like to apologise because we even have B2UTY’s disrespectful

From now on, we are going to work hard to know that we are a more respectful group… once again, would like to request excuses deeply.”

The internauts have applauded the efforts of both groups, as much as fans of B2ST and YoSeob, since this one gave a step forward to stop ciber-bullying, and the genuine way in which the B2UTY’s apologized.


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