Wang BiHo (Yoon HyungBin) “I’m sorry, 4Minute’s HyunAh


Yoon HyungBin — who became famous for his character ‘Wang BiHo’ on his Gag Concert corner — revealed that out of every idol he had made a remark against, he was the most apologetic towards 4Minute’s HyunAh.

On January 4th, Yoon HyungBin featured on KBS 2TV’s ‘Fresh Sources’ and confessed on his corner of KBS 2TV’s Gag Concert ‘Garden Balsam School’ he was “the most apologetic to 4Minute’s HyunAh for making her cry once by the end of his remarks” during his role as Wang BiHo.

June of 2010, HyunAh was a guest along with her fellow 4Minute members when Wang BiHo made the comment “You’ve already withdrawn from Wonder Girls, just withdraw again from 4Minute.”

Yoon HyungBin further recalled, “Then I realized ‘Ah, I have to be cautious while making these statements'” and “I made a phone call (to HyunAh) immediately to apologize.”


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