YG getting love calls from American musicians


Out of the three big entertainments in the music industry, YG Entertainment is one of them with a hip-hop base and they’ve started gaining attention from many famous American musicians. Unlike the music style that SM and JYP have, YG mainly focuses on hip-hop.

Recently, YG have been receiving many love calls from international celebrities such as Will.I.Am, Jeremy Scott, Diplo and from many other artists, producers, DJs and many others. Along with Big Bang and 2NE1, other artists in YG, major record companies and producers are wanting them to debut in America.
Getting motivation from these love calls, YG is starting to get ready to debut overseas. This year, Big Bang and 2NE1 are planning on debuting in Japan and President Yang is also planning their debut in America. In reality, last year, while 2NE1 was getting ready to release their first full length album, they finished producing the album in America and Big Bang is working similarly for the album that is to release in February.

Then how did American musicians know of YG’s music and are able to send love calls to them. YG explained that the reason why Big Bang, 2NE1 and other artists’ music and music videos were able to reach the American market is all thanks for YouTube and ITunes.

Last year, Taeyang and T.O.P.’s solo album were revealed on ITunes and were ranked high in the hip-hop genre and 2NE1′s music videos had high views and were able to catch many peoples’ attention. They weren’t using for any promotional purposes but only used a different method to try to reach the American listeners and through that, people like Will.I.Am and other top class musicians were interested and YG was surprised by that result.

Recently, Big Bang members, G-Dragon and T.O.P. released a unit album and are currently promoting it and through that album, they were receiving positive feedback by a world famous DJ and producer, Diplo.

On the 5th, Diplo uploaded the music video of, “Knock Out” on his Facebook and wrote, “half a million views in 1 day? i’m gonna move to Korea and produce more music like this.”


2 Comments to “YG getting love calls from American musicians”

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