Scramble to Hear Super Junior 6,000 Tickets Grabbed in Seconds Again


Super Junior’s charisma in Taiwan is at fever level

Korean boy band Super Junior will come to Taiwan on 12 and 13 March to hold “The 3rd ASIA TOUR SUPER SHOW 3 in Taipei”, following the opening of pre-sale of tickets the day before yesterday to Super Dome members when tickets were snapped up in an instant, with the opening of public sales to fans yesterday through the Era Ticket ticketing system and sale of tickets by FamilyMart, 6,000 tickets were completely sold out and grabbed in seconds, which demonstrates Super Junior’s super popularity and selling power.

A few days ago due to the ticketing system being overloaded there was “over-booking of tickets” at one point, the system was unable to accurately determine the people who had purchased tickets, the purchasing of these tickets were not completed and a 30 dollar fee was also charged, which made fans unhappy. Super Dome stated: “due to the programme not working properly and at the same time the system being unable to determine the people who purchased tickets; we have already telephoned each person to communicate assistance in purchasing tickets after the normal period; the total number of tickets for both concerts remains unchanged, excess tickets have not been sold at all.” Many fans who were unable to purchase tickets are expecting an extra concert, however in relation to this Super Dome expressed that “at present there are no discussions of adding an extra concert.”



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