GD & TOP at the set of “ Don’t Go Home “+ “ baby Good Night “MVs


After “Don’t Go Home” and “baby Good Night” were selected now as its Follow UP graduation TRACK, GD&TOP delivers a more romantic picture for its 2 MVs. Yes, it will give 2 new video clips.

At the 11. star was news at the turning place and explained, G-Dragon played the leading role in “Don’t Go Home”, lasts to T.O.P the leading role for “baby Good Night” would take over. The 2 video clips (under the direction of producer Lee Kibaek [G-Dragon’s “Boy”]) will show stories of romantic declarations of love.



The main scene is a set, which looks as in the roads of the 80’s. Retro outfit fit perfectly.

G-Dragon’s scene shows it in a car, as it its friend asks, not go to home, while T.O.P plays `the Liebesboten’, which helps GD.



Into T.O.P’s “baby Good Night” transforms T.O.P into a character, which explains for the first time its love. The suit is to give it a friendlier image to its bleached hair.


The two have high expectations to the mV. G-Dragon: “Fans will enjoy it, are singular there the relationship of the two and the Storyline of `Lie `and `Haru the Haru’ are similar.

Our Titelsongs `High High `and `Oh Yeah `won first with M! COUNT down and Inkigayo.  I hope that `Knock Out’ and the remainder of our Titelsongs will also create it.


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