Professor Ma Reads Sandara Park as Sexy


“Singer Sandara Park…whether she has her hair tied up…or cut short…I thought she wasn’t all that ugly but thought she looked like a normal looking girl.”

Professor Ma, who is currently teaching at Yonsei University, saw Sandara Park in the “It Hurts” music video, which was the song on 2NE1′s first full length album, and commented on Sandara’s lion hair.

In “It Hurts,” Sandara Park acted out a character who was longing for the man that left her. In order to show the pain of breaking up, the long, tangled hair was a big help in expressing that. After seeing this, it left a big impression on Professor Ma that he wrote a poem.

“The hair comes down to the waist/the hair grew long/also the hair strands are tangled/the hair was given volume like a lion/she looks really sexy.”

Professor Ma said, “Sandara Park has a normal looking face but because of the volumed hair, it was a surprise that she looked sexy. I want to give her a lot of points for being able to give off that kind of look.”

His poem also said, “It’s the victory of human beauty/so what if it was real hair/or a wig/you, remember this/that the days of natural looks have passed.”

Professor Ma continued by saying, “The hair that Sandara Park has is definitely a wig. It left a big impression and I asked around and found out that anyone can buy this kind of hair for 95 dollars. But it doesn’t matter if it’s a wig. It’s amazing that she’s able to pull that off with human beauty,” and he clapped for her hard work.

On the other hand, 2NE1 is planning on joining hands with Avex and is preparing to debut in Japan. They are also working on their American album with Will.I.Am.


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