4Minute to Release a Full Album for Their Comeback!


We previously reported that 4Minute were slated to make their comeback on February, now their agency confirms that 4Minute will be releasing their first full length Korean album as their comeback!

Cube’s CEO, Hong Seungsong, had made the announcement that 4Minute will be releasing a full Korean language album.

In an interview held today, from Money-Today StarNews on stars turning 20 in 2011, Mr. Hong stated, “Hyuna and the other 4Minute members will have their first full album sometime between late February to March”.

This will be 4Minute’s first full album release in Korea since their debut and fans have huge expectations as to the material that will be in this release.

The CEO also added some insight as to Hyuna’s solo activities for the first half of the year, saying that Hyuna will be making her soloist comeback sometime in May.

He stated, “Hyuna will have her second solo song which is expected to be released in May. Though this time, fans should expect a radical change in her concept.”

So, what are you guys more excited about? Hyuna coming back as a soloist? Or 4Minute as a group making a comeback soon?


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