Sandara’s 5 Days Vacation


2ne1’s Sandara Park made a 5-day vacation in the Philippines together with her sister Durami last January 8. As she take vacation in the country whom she treated as her second home, she needed to avoid public appearances including taking picture with fans and even interviews as her management told her.

After a long time, Dara had a time to visit her friends in the country specially her Star Circle Quest friends, she even attend a birthday party of one of her SCQ friend, she also met some new generation Filipino actors/actresses/artist in the country, she was also introduced to a fellow Korean and Pinoy Big Brother teen housemate Ryan Bang. She was also able to see her barkada during her high school days.

Dara also take the opportunity to bond with her sister and some of her friends in Subic bay in pampanga, She also went boating at one of Bataan’s private resort, and went shopping as she bought Filipino delicacies to give for her 2ne1 members such as Dried mangoes, Inipit (a kind of bread), etc. She even ate Filipino dishes like sinigang na hipon, sisig, and pakbet.

Though Sandara wanted to stay longer in the country for her friend’s wedding but she can’t, because she needed to support her brother Sang-hyun (Thunder) for his group’s (MBLAQ) comeback on the 13th[today]. Yesterday, January 12th, Dara left the Philippines but before she left Sandy leave a message to her Filipino fans.

“Kamusta? Pasensya na kayo sa ‘kin. This time ‘di ako nagpakita sa inyo… private vacation ko kasi with my sister. Kaya sana ‘di kayo tatampo sa ‘kin. Hope to see you guys next time and sana kasama ko na ang 2NE1 girls din. Yeah! Thank you sa support niyo! Mahal ko kayo!” [How are you? Please forgive me everyone. This time I didn’t show to public… This is a private vacation with my sister. [I] hope you are not angry with me. Hope to see you guys next time and I wish 2ne1 girls is with me. Yeah! thank you for your support! I love you all!]


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