2NE1’s “Can’t Nobody” Ringtones to be Released in Japan


AVEX Entertainment has recently announced through their official website that 2NE1 will be releasing three ringtones for the English version of the track “Can’t Nobody” in Japan.

AVEX Entertainment, one of the leading agencies in Japan to which YG’s 2NE1 was signed last October, has recently released on their official website that the English version of 2NE1’s hit title track “Can’t Nobody” will be released in Japan in the form of three ringtones as of next week.

AVEX announced, “2NE1’s ‘CAN’T NOBODY (English Ver.)’ will start distributing on Recochoku (a music distribution website) on January 19th.” The agency then went o the explain that the ringtone, known in Japan as a chaku uta, will be released as a regular ringtone, a video-ringtone, which will play a clip from the music video, and a ring-back tone, which is used as a sort of call waiting tone when someone dials your number. It is unknown what version of the ringtone movie will be used, as it has been spectulated that rather than the original Korean version, an entirely new music video may be released.

Although no information regarding 2NE1’s overseas debut has been officially released, it seems that this release is the group’s first promotional step in Japan.


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