Ku Hye Sun is The Researcher at the Supplement Research Center


The reporter for the daily cosmetics Kim JeRyun also asked GHS for her beauty secret at the location.

First, I drink lots of water. I also drink one small bottle of mixed vinegar and water in the proportion of 2:3 per day. It is not good to drink too much of it either.

Also, she likes to use a face pack of egg whites. She also uses some of the Danahan cosmetic line especially the effective eye cream and essence and more.

GHS: ‘To reduce the wrinkles around the eyes, I consistently use Danahan’s Effective EyeCream. It really has a high concentration of nutrients in there. I put it on at night before sleep and I still feel it on before I wash up. If I use other creams, I don’t feel it as much. Besides the EcoPure products, I would like to recommend the Effective Eye Cream to all the women.’


The article says that the CF is to go on air towards the end of the month.

According to the cf, EcoPure Essential toner is made by eliminating 10 harmful ingredients and supplementing with organic herb from a tree sap and other natural essetial oil.

Although it appears to be a very simple 30 sec cf, it was not very simple to carry out the cf. At every cut, cf staff has to place and roll out the marble at good timing and other staff has to clean up the liquid and beakers that may drop and fall on the ground. GHS also had to change her expressions, tone and speed of her speech at the director’s direction at each cut. Not all fun and easy task.


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