Lee Minho represents Hallyu star popularity in 3rd world blast


MBC drama that aired in Korea in May last year, ‘personal preference’ in Asia, as well as sales in the 3rd world, riding a wave of interest in Lee is heating up.
In the last 13days Lee finished an interview with TV Broadcasts in South Korea, Thailand, and Japan. 181 million fans in the foreign countries and Lee’s Facebook message of support from fans is never ending story.
A man living in America, “according posted photos and Lee tried, but failed to disclose the contents of the picture”, and a charity event held in Thailand to introduce a  ‘personal taste’ of the outfit was also sold at high prices.
Lee as a model, such as popular activities in the menswear shop Trugen pace of overseas fans is said that he has endless. Drama ‘personal preference’ which brought on the topic ‘got drunk’ in the background, gathering fans will know that. Lee worked as a model for the store to the company appearing in a travel magazine in Japan.
This side official Lee drama “Ride the waves in the international events and has endless requests for interviews, but does not end there as the SBS drama ‘City Hunter’ spur of the drama in May, in preparation will focus on drama” signaled cautious.

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