Popular Artists That Got Eliminated In JYPE But Got Their Way To Stardom


JYP Entertainment is one of the most popular talent house who produce talented artists has also gained attention because they have eliminated talented stars.

One artist would be Korean songstress, IU. IU has been eliminated from JYP audition back then in 2008. IU sang Bubble Sister’s song “So Much Love, So Much Laughter” which gained much attention but unfortunately got eliminated.

At that time, IU is recording for an OST of KBS 2TV drama “Dream High” together with Park Jin Young. She said, “It’s the first time to be involved in an OST recording. I have seen the company president at audition and do recording together is a blessing for me.

KARA’s Goo Hara has experienced the elimination too. Hara got eliminated on the final audition. Although eliminated, Goo Hara won best female MC awards at KBS Enterntainment Awards last year. Now, KARA is not just popular in Korea, but also gaining much interest in Japan and in other parts of the globe.

BEAST’s Lee Ki Kwang on the other hand is a former JYP Entertainment trainee. When Park Jin Young appeared on KBS 2TV “Win Win”, Ki Kwang explained the reason why he didn’t debuted under JYPE. He explained, “I have recognized my talent.”

Ki Kwang debuted on CUBE Entertainment with BEAST. CUBE was founded 3 years ago by Hong Seung Song, the former president of JYP Entertainment.

And finally, 2NE1’s CL. CL was also a former JYPE trainee. Even though she is on YG Entertainment now, CL still maintains her close relationship with JYP singers and also supports them. 2NE1 is known to be the female Big Bang and is dominating the charts with Can’t Nobody, Go Away, and Clap Your Hands last year. They also received Top Ten Award in Melon Awards, along with Album of The Year, and Best Girl Group Award.


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