SNSD’s Sooyoung Reveals her Real IQ


SNSD members visited ‘Entertainment Relay’ on January 15 and hold the ‘SNSD’s SNSD Award Show’ and made shocking revelations.

The girls were the ones in charge of picking the winners among themselves.

The first category was for ‘The Honor Student’ in the group. The winner of the first place was Sooyoung. Tiffany mentioned that the reason they chose her was because whenever they have to learn a new song, choreography or scripts she is always the first one to do it.

After this the reporter Kim Saeng Min concluded that she must be really smart and the she had a high IQ while being on grade school.

However Sooyoung’s confession shocked every one. She revealed that since she was curios about her IQ she used an application on her phone test it. At the end the result said that she an IQ of 62. The members immediately started to wonder why she would say that. Sooyoung then told them that there must have been problems with her phone, making everyone laugh.

They continued with the awards and chose Yoona as the one with the best appetite and Seohyun took the one for the most unexpected behavior.


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