MBLAQ’s PATi PATi Interview


Before their Korean comeback MBLAQ hold an interview with the Japanese magazine PATi PATi.

During the interview they talked about the 2 songs they prepared for ‘The Fugitive: Plan B’ OST and their new album.

‘Running & Running’ and ‘Bang Bang Bang’ are the two songs that are used on the drama. The first one was included on the official OST and the second one was sold as a digital single. None of them have been added to MBLAQ’s first album, making them even more special.

The boys commented that the MV for ‘Running & Running’ included scenes of the drama and as also used as an ending song. G.O. also said that this song feats the chasing scenes and helped to create a connection between them.

On the other side Seung Ho said that ‘Bang Bang Bang’ conveyed the feeling of solving the cases. The music style of this song was also a new one for the band but according to G.O. it wasn’t a difficult song, and that thanks to it people will be able to see that MBLAQ can also sing very different styles. Cheon Dung added that he was happy because fans liked this track.

As the interview continued they started to talk about their new album ‘BLAQ Style’. Joon said that they started to prepare it for it from June after their Y performances were over. He also mentioned that during this time they have been training in the areas that they needed to improve in order to make a perfect album.

Seung Ho revealed that the members have been working really hard on this album, they have not only talked about what kind of album they wanted, but also everything related to he songs, dances and more.

G.O. mentioned that they have been preparing and practicing for a long time because they wanted to present a great album. Cheon Dung Continued by saying that they can now show a more grown-up side of them but that they still keep MBLAQ’s colors. Seungho then said that it will be a great album.

For this New Year all the boys want to get the grand prize at the awards ceremonies and that their new album can be a real success. They also wished that MBLAQ, their families and fans can be healthy during this year.

MBLAQ is starting the 2011 with a new album and a lot of hope in the future of the band so they need all the support they can get because they have been definitely working hard to show fans a new side of themselves.


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