SBS Inkigayo 2011.01.16


Comeback special
MBLAQ – Cry + Stay
Teen Top – Transform + Supa Luv

Goodbye special
T-ara – yayaya
Sistar – How Dare You

Dong Bang Shin Ki – Keep Your Head Down
G-Dragon & T.O.P – High High
Secret – Shy boy
JOO – Bad Boy

Hot Music
IU – Good Day
Infinite – BTD
Dal★Shabet – Supa Dupa Diva
Sunny Side Chang(Feat.Gavy NJ HeeYoung) – Crazy Love
VNT – Sound

Fresh Music
Popsicle – Love You Till The End
H-Eugine (feat.Sistar Soyu) – Love Warning 2
Piggy Dolls – Trend
Gavy NJ (feat.Gilme) – Cut of Latter
Han Groo – Witch Girl



DBSK wins today’s Inkigayo with “Keep Your Head Down”



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