After School Second Year Anniversary


Two years ago a new girl group made their official debut bringing a new style to the Korean pop.

On 2009 a total of 5 girls, Kahi, Jung Ah, Jooyeon, Bekah and Soyong, presented their first album ‘New Schoolgirl’ on January 17 with their song ‘AH’ causing a revolution with their fierce and strong performance. A few months later they introduced their second single ‘Diva’ and also their new member Uee.

After School had to endure the departure of one of their members as Yoo Soyong left the group due to some health problems. However the girls remained strong and added two new members to the AS, Nana and Raina. The new 7 member group presented a new single by the end of 2009. ‘Because of you’ showed a more mature side of the girls and was able to top many charts and win prizes.

On 2010 After School decided to add Lizzy as the eight members before the release of their next single. ‘Bang’ caused an impact because of the originality of the performance and the girls’ skills playing the drums.

At the end of 2010 AS introduced their ninth member Noh Lee Young.

After School also has special sub units, and it has been said there will be more in the future.

The first sub unit of the band is ‘Orange Caramel’, formed by Nana, Lizzy and Raina. They already have release two mini albums, and presented the songs ‘Magic Girl’ and ‘A~ing♡’ for each one of them with a lot of success. They have a sweeter style compared to the strong image of AS.

They have also released a single called ‘Happy Pledis’, in which almost all the members take part except, Bekah and Noh Lee Young.

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