Lee Min Ho: Looking for a Girlfriend?


The heartthrob actor Lee Min Ho recently revealed in an interview that he wishes to begin dating, and is looking to meet new people.

Popular young actor Lee Min Ho, perhaps best known for his roles in “Boys Over Flowers” and “Personal Preference” revealed during a recent interview that he is considering dating. Ladies, if you fit Lee’s ideal type as a bold yet tactful woman, then you might very well have a chance!

In his interview with “Entertainment Weekly” on January 15th, Lee was asked by a reporter, “Don’t you want to have a girlfriend?” To which he replied, “I want to date, but I’m not able to go out very often, and so I always see the same people. I don’t really have a chance to meet anyone new.”

Candidly, the reporter suggested, “Then why not try becoming a reporter from ‘Entertainment Weekly’?” Lee laughed awkwardly in response, managing to avoid answering the question completely.

It was also revealed that Lee lacks confidence when it comes to his kissing ability, as he directly confessed, “I’m not very good at kissing, although I think female actresses were quite satisfied with our kissing scenes.”

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