. This is a thread discussion for All About K-pop Korean, no more no less

. No Bashing, Flamming, Spamming or, literally, do not post comments on topics, news, etc that can make the occupants blog here as well as fans of other K-pop hurt, offended and could end up accusing each other, cursing, etc.

. If you find a post that is bashing, flamming, do not respond with the same treatment, if necessary reporting.

. Do not forget to include credit / source of news , photos that you post.

. Do not HOT LINK take photos for display on your personal blog, other forums, etc, without permission from the original uploader. If you want to display the photos from this blog, please first upload the photos you’ve taken into your personal photo albums on the net (ex: photobucket, etc), do not forget to give proper credit.

. Do Not Double Post! .. Especially if it’s the same




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